Farnell && BBxM rev.?

Hi all,
I bought a BBxM from Farnell (it.farnell.com) and it revision is B .

Now I need some others BBxM but I need to know the revision the sell.

Can someone tell me if Farnell sell Rev. C BBxM ?

What are the differences between BBxM rev A vs rev B vs rev C?

What Linux is best for BBxM in terms of driver and DSP support?
- Angstrom
- Ubuntu
- others?


Rev B was the previous revisions. Rev C is the current one. I have no idea when Farnell will be getting the Rev C boards. They no longer purchase boards directly from us so I have no insight into when they will get them from whomever they get them from. W ehave not been shipping for several weeks now because we cannot get processors. We received a few late last week, so we should be able to get some more out starting this week.


I'm using Angstrom since BB C4 and it do the works.

I'm waiting Rev C because Rev B have some problem with watchdog and I
hope it's solved in Rev C.

The differences are listed in the System Reference Manual.



Thanks, good link.