Fast boot, no-GUI distro?

Hi. I’m getting started with my BBB, having done previous projects with RPi and smaller boards.

I’m wondering if anyone’s made an Angstrom distribution designed for fast boot, and that doesn’t bother with any of the desktop and other graphical UI elements. I’m embedding this in a robot, don’t really want those things, and the faster it boots, the better.

It’d be nice if there was someone making a distro like this on a regular basis, keeping it up to date. It would be a lot faster to install.

Anyway, I’m not much of a linux user per se, and don’t really know what can be dumped

Any pointers to projects would be much appreciated.


You can build angstrom without the gui. For some pre built images, check out the angstrom rootfs image at

i made an Angstrom Image, well without GUI, use the Boot files on the BeagleBone demo page and just extract this image to your card.
Its 2013.06 Branch Angstrom :slight_smile:

Do Tell me how it goes. here’s the Link to my image

Get the MLO and u-boot.img from