Feasibility of Industrial BBB?

From looking through the forums, it looks like it is safe to say the BBB is not rated to operate below 0 F. However, I really like the BBB and I would like to use it in a project that has strict temperature requirements for -20 F to 140 F (-29 C to 60 C) operational temperatures.

I've seen a few people make quick mention of unofficial industrial BBB clones. Can someone provide more information of anything like that...or comment on the feasibility of me going through and finding drop-in replacements for any components that do not meet these specs?


Arrow sells a 'White Label' version of the BBB that is made by Circuitco. It's meant for commercial use and has no "Beagle" markings. I have a Power Point presentation from Arrow (U.S.) claiming that they are the exclusive 'provider':

Not sure of the temperature range.

I'm evaluating using that board in a small quantity commercial product.

I have no financial interests in Arrow.

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