(feedback) USB power vs DC power

Hi, just a feedback…

USB tethering is not as useful as I thought at first. You cannot leave it connected
to your computer or laptop forever. At some point, you have to connect to the real
network using ethernet port. So, might as well do that from the beginning. Figuring
out the IP might be problem for Windows users, but you can log into router to get
its DHCP IP, or do
nmap -sn
in Linux.

Getting rid of miniUSB port might make room for other ports. Also, USB chargers
are everywhere. All you need is USB to 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector cable which
Beagleboard.org may be able to get cheaper than individual user.

We are not getting rid of miniUSB. That would leave us more room to add nothing of any importance. It is already on the backside of the board under other components.