File sharing between beagle and host uBuntu


For developing on my new beagle board I would like to have a
development environtment setup where I can cross-compile code on my
host machine (uBuntu) into a directory that is exported over the
network to the beagleboard (so that from ssh I can 'cd' into the
shared directory and run a binary).

On the host side I already have codesourcery set up and have
successfully compile a small app targeted for ARM so I'm ready to go
from that side of things.

I'm using the Angstrom demo on the board but it doesn't seem to
support any of the filesystems I would usually use for this kind of
thing ( nfs, smb, cifs etc ). Using opkg I got the samba packages but
when I try and use mount.cifs i get a mount error due to unsupported

Any suggestions about how I can access my host machine from the beagle
I'm an experienced programmer but still getting use to the deeper
levels of the linux OS.


Hi Dave,

Have you managed to solve this problem?

I'm a newbie and I am looking to do the same as you mentioned.

Any advice you can offer would be a greatly appreciated.

Thank you,