Filesystem Storage Chips

What would peoples suggestions be for root file system storage on embedded Linux products, that need to last a minimum of 10 years. We would be looking for around the 32mb mark, is NAND a viable option these days for such an extended period of time? I will be writing to the chip, but not in any great amounts, just baking up configurations and logs in sqlite databases.

I'm not looking for solid answers, just some pointers to possible solutions I haven't contemplated!


NAND is a solution. This can be MMC, eMMC, 8b NAND. 16b NAND, SPI, or EEPROM.

Are you saying 23 mega bit or 32mega byte in your question?


I have ordered a few SPI NOR chips of 32MB capacity which all have (some form) of mainline support in the Linux kernel and u-boot to have a play with. Will try and report back with any success or failure.