Final official meeting transcript

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11:52 prpplague: jkridner: all student evals complete
11:53 prpplague: jkridner: as you are well aware of, is extremely happy with the results
11:55 jkridner: gm all
11:55 vvu|Log: hello!
11:55 anujdeshpande: gm !
11:56 jkridner: very, very sorry about last week.
11:56 jkridner: was in NY for the Hardware Innovation Workshop and fully expected to be able to get away for our meeting.
11:57 anujdeshpande: jkridner: saw your post on g+. pretty awesome project people are working on there !
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11:57 anujdeshpande: is working on porting the multiwii firmware to bbb. would love inputs from drone hobbyists !
11:57 jkridner: thank you prpplague, koen (in abstentia) and gregkh for completing the final mentor evaluations.
11:58 gregkh: jkridner: no problem, that’s our job :slight_smile:
11:58 jkridner: I still need mentor evaluations from ka6sox, av500 and keesj
11:58 av500: yes
11:58 jkridner: jj2baile: I also need a student evaluation from you.
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11:59 vmayoral: Greetings!
11:59 jkridner: anyone seen Zubair?
11:59 vvu|Log: hey vmayoral !
11:59 jkridner: hi vmayoral
11:59 jkridner: sorry to get started a minute or two early.
11:59 tcort: hello
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12:02 jkridner: hi vmayoral, tcort, hatguy, gregkh, anujdeshpande, vvu|Log and prpplague
12:02 jkridner: and av500
12:02 hatguy: jkridner: hello!
12:02 jkridner: anyone else around?
12:02 anujdeshpande: hola
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12:02 eFfeM: hi all
12:02 bradfa: howdy
12:02 jkridner: agin, sorry about last week. Didn’t manage to break away from HIW, despite expecting to.
12:02 eFfeM: quickly grabbing a bite first
12:03 jkridner: hi eFfeM, bradfa
12:04 jkridner: anyone seen jj2baile, keesj, Zubair or ka6sox?
12:04 jkridner: av500: any difficulty doing final eval?
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12:04 jkridner: hi ZubairLK!
12:04 ZubairLK: hi everyone!
12:04 ZubairLK: sorry i’m late
12:04 av500: jkridner: yes, this internet, how does it work?
12:04 jkridner: will you be doing your student evaluation soon?
12:04 ZubairLK: hi jkridner
12:05 ZubairLK: jkridner: yes yes. wedding prep keeps me preoccupied…
12:05 ZubairLK: when is the hard deadline?
12:05 ZubairLK: am i the only one left?
12:05 hatguy: 27th mostly
12:05 ZubairLK: jkridner: has greg done my eval?
12:05 jkridner: yes.
12:06 ZubairLK: i see
12:06 ZubairLK: i’ll do it now/tonight
12:06 jkridner: only keesj, av500 and ka6sox still need to do their mentor evaluations.
12:06 jkridner: we should not be saying if it is pass or fail, but you should know if you did the required work or not.
12:08 jkridner: eFfeM or beng-nl: are you in contact with keesj regarding the evaluation?
12:08 av500: jkridner: done
12:08 jkridner: av500: thanks!
12:08 jkridner: ds2, bradfa, panto: are you in contact with ka6sox regarding the evaluation?
12:09 jkridner: These are due early Friday, so we need to make sure we know the intent soon.
12:09 jkridner: I think I know mostly how to fill in both evals in an emergency…
12:09 bradfa: jkridner, no, but I’ll bug him
12:09 jkridner: but, better information would come from ka6sox and keesj.
12:11 jkridner: all, please make sure the spreadsheet has your address and size for sending any t-shirts I can get from cathy.
12:12 vvu|Log: link please, i have changed my address :slight_smile:
12:12 vvu|Log: i had it at one point but lost it in the archive
12:13 jkridner:
12:13 vvu|Log: thx jkridner !
12:13 ZubairLK: jkridner: its the same university address right?
12:14 jkridner: What address do you need it to be?
12:14 tcort: Can someone with write access to the spreadsheet put in XL in E7? I don’t have a business address (only residential) and get packages through Dr Matt Lemire.
12:15 jkridner: tcort: you should have “comment” access…
12:15 jkridner: add a comment and I’ll update the spreadsheet.
12:15 hatguy: jkridner: prpplague has our addresses
12:15 hatguy: jkridner: do you need them too?
12:15 jkridner: prpplague: can you make sure to put them in the spreadsheet for Cathy?
12:15 anujdeshpande: jkridner: can’t comment or view the doc.
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12:15 anujdeshpande: it gives the option to switch accounts or request permission
12:16 vvu|Log: jkridner: please update my address with
12:16 jkridner: anujdeshpande: pm me your google account e-mail address
12:16 jkridner: vvu|Log: can you put it in the comments? I guess I’ll try to do it now
12:16 vvu|Log: ok
12:17 jkridner: any thoughts on how we can improve the experience for future students?
12:17 ka6sox: jkridner, I got the notification and I’ll fill it out today
12:17 jkridner: anujdeshpande, hatguy, vvu|Log, vmayoral, tcort, jj2baile, ZubairLK: any thoughts on how we can improve the experience for future students?
12:18 jkridner: ka6sox: thanks!
12:18 jkridner: keesj: ping: that just leaves you!
12:18 jkridner: was keesj going to be out?
12:18 vmayoral: jkridner: i don’t have access to the spreadsheet either.
12:18 jkridner: can fill in evaluations for anyone unable to do so.
12:18 hatguy: jkridner: early hardware, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:
12:19 jkridner: vmayoral: pm me your google account e-mail address.
12:19 vvu|Log: jkridner: in my case i should have researched more on the topic of the project before submitting the proposal…so i think some a bit in depth research if it can be done
12:19 vvu|Log: but still this is my case
12:19 vvu|Log: couldnt figure those bugs out without a BBB so its kinda 2 way problem :slight_smile:
12:19 prpplague: jkridner: no clue what spreadsheet that is… can you give me a url and info?
12:19 jkridner: vvu|Log: a phone number is needed as well.
12:19 vvu|Log: same one
12:19 anujdeshpande: jkridner: maybe you can have issues, etc on github for the proposed projects, and prospective students can work on them. would help in getting a good feel. the cross compilation thing was good enough, but this will be better i guess
12:20 jkridner: prpplague:
12:20 prpplague: jkridner: thanks adding now
12:20 eFfeM: jkridner: I haven’t discussed it with keesj, but Thomas definitely passes
12:21 eFfeM: can’t do the paperwork though
12:21 hatguy: anujdeshpande: jkridner +1
12:22 eFfeM: jkridner: just saw an email from keesj on the evaluation so it is on his radar
12:23 ZubairLK: jkridner: done. can you check your account and confirm me and gregkh evaluations are cool?
12:23 jkridner: eFfeM: k, if he doesn’t do it by tomorrow night, I’ll be looking to fill something in.
12:25 jkridner: ZubairLK: gregkh’s evaluation is completed as is yours.
12:25 ZubairLK: jkridner: it says I don’t have permission to add comments :s. And I have a comment right next to my tshirt size. XL. I have no idea why I was high and did that… It should be L.
12:25 jkridner: cannot read student evaluations as they may reflect on him.
12:25 jkridner: ZubairLK: there is a comment that says XL.
12:26 jkridner: so, make it L?
12:26 ZubairLK: jkridner: thanks. gregkh told me I’m a pass :slight_smile:
12:26 ZubairLK: Yes. Please make it L
12:26 ZubairLK: I can’t edit the comment.
12:26 ZubairLK: jkridner: thanks
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12:27 anujdeshpande: prpplague: can you please add XL to the shirt column ? and do we need a contact number
12:27 prpplague: anujdeshpande: sure
12:27 prpplague: hatguy: what size do you need?
12:27 anujdeshpande: thanks
12:27 hatguy: prpplague: L
12:28 jkridner: mentors: any comments on how to make this go better next year?
12:28 ZubairLK: anything else we need to do apart from evaluations? there was a code upload thing somewhere if I remember…
12:28 ZubairLK: jkridner: happy with the upstream? patches finally went through IIO!
12:29 jkridner: ZubairLK: yes, thank you very much
12:30 jkridner: yes, there is a code upload thing!
12:30 prpplague: anujdeshpande / hatguy updated
12:30 hatguy: prpplague: thanks!
12:30 jkridner: has anyone figured out the code upload thing?
12:31 prpplague: jkridner: need much much much better organization and communication on administrative/paperwork/documentation needed for the projects
12:31 anujdeshpande: prpplague: just needed to add my contact details
12:31 hatguy: jkridner: we’re planning git patchsets for our individual commits
12:31 prpplague: anujdeshpande: that should be there
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12:32 ZubairLK: jkridner: my work can ideally be described using the patches that were upstreamed…
12:32 anujdeshpande: prpplague: ahh… i just saw the first column. my bad.
12:32 anujdeshpande: thanks !
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12:32 anujdeshpande: hatguy: +1
12:32 vmayoral: Apologies
12:32 vmayoral: Online again
12:35 ZubairLK: have i disconneted or is there awkward silence
12:35 vvu|Log: nop
12:35 ZubairLK: disconnected*
12:35 anujdeshpande: not awkward though
12:36 ZubairLK: jkridner: gregkh and all mentors. Thank-you very very very much for opportunity to work alongside you guys.
12:36 ZubairLK: It was a great mix of fun and learning :slight_smile:
12:36 jkridner: anujdeshpande, hatguy, ZubairLK, vvu|Log, jj2baile, tcort, vmayoral: did you get e-mails with code submission guidelines?
12:37 hatguy: jkridner: yepp
12:37 vvu|Log: jkridner: nop, nothing at this end
12:37 ZubairLK: not keeping up with the inbox…
12:37 hatguy: vvu|Log: it should be in the mailing list
12:37 vmayoral: just an email from Carol (google groups)
12:38 anujdeshpande: that’s all that they send i guess
12:39 vvu|Log: yep read it
12:39 jkridner: anujdeshpande, hatguy, ZubairLK, vvu|Log, jj2baile, tcort, vmayoral: just confirmed with carols that you won’t be able to upload until after you get a ‘pass’ evaluation and you won’t know that before Friday.
12:40 vvu|Log: yep yep
12:40 jkridner: now it makes sense why there isn’t an upload button.
12:40 ZubairLK: jkridner: i see :slight_smile:
12:40 hatguy: ok
12:40 anujdeshpande: cool
12:40 tcort: k
12:40 ZubairLK: jkridner: meeting next week?
12:40 jkridner: k. I think we are wrapped up here. I’ll be in Rome next week.
12:41 jkridner: we should plan a ‘get-together’ at least by IRC.
12:41 vvu|Log: +1
12:41 jkridner: er, I will plan.
12:41 ZubairLK: +1
12:41 ZubairLK: jkridner: was wondering. what size of a group does a hangout support?
12:41 hatguy: yeah sounds good!
12:41 jkridner: expect something in your inboxes along with your mailboxes!
12:41 ZubairLK: G+ hangout…
12:42 jkridner: ZubairLK: you can do ~8 ok. this group might be a bit large.
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12:42 ZubairLK: jkridner: i see.
12:42 ZubairLK: a cheesy one but funny :stuck_out_tongue:
12:43 ZubairLK: looking forward to the inbox/mailbox :slight_smile:
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12:43 jkridner: please contact me directly if you have thoughts/suggestions… really was a wonderful summer with amazing contributions.
12:43 vmayoralv: Sorry guys, shitty connection
12:43 jkridner: everyone was very patient and diligent----great spending time with you!
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12:44 vvu|Log: thank you all guys for the things I have acomplished this summer! really really nice hacking around here to get stuff working good !
12:44 vmayoralv: It’s being a pleasure expending this summer with u
12:44 ZubairLK: thanks. it was great learning from you all as well :slight_smile:
12:44 ZubairLK: I went from little kernel tweaking to scratching the surface of the linux kernel and upstreaming my own contributions :slight_smile:
12:44 vmayoralv: jkridner: im aware of the code’s submission steps, no worries
12:45 ZubairLK: thats a great 12 weeks :slight_smile:
12:45 jkridner: Let’s sound the gavel one more time… (and please don’t let it scare you away from hanging out in here!)
12:45 jkridner: 3…
12:45 jkridner: 2…
12:45 jkridner: 1…
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12:45 jkridner: bam
12:45 anujdeshpande: BOOM !
12:45 jkridner: have a great year!
12:45 hatguy: A superb learning experience here… thank you all the mentors +prpplague mdp bradfa jkridner and all others!
12:45 hatguy: woot
12:45 ZubairLK: echoes of a bang
12:45 anujdeshpande: +1 hatguy
12:45 bradfa: hatguy, you and anujdeshpande did a great job!
12:45 bradfa: you’ll both do quite well in the “real world” I think :slight_smile:
12:45 hatguy: bradfa: thanks! :slight_smile:
12:46 anujdeshpande: thanks to everyone here. bradfa mdp prpplague thanks a tonne for everything !
12:46 hatguy: hehe
12:46 vmayoralv: Thanks for all mentors :), ill be around helping with anything i can
12:46 ZubairLK: gregkh: ping pong
12:46 ZubairLK: gregkh: everyone doing teary goodbyes here :stuck_out_tongue:
12:46 prpplague: POOF!
12:46 prpplague has left (“Leaving”)
12:46 anujdeshpande: really really really hope to work with guys from here on future projects !