Finding current image in Beaglebone Black

I have bought a Beaglebone black. I want to know the current version of software image running on the board. Please help me on how to find it.

Note: I have connected my Beagle with Computer(Ubuntu) through USB interface.


The latest official releases are here:

For test releases, please visit:

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Hello @Murugesh ,

The image can be found w/ this command: uname -a

Also, you can type this command to find more info: cat /etc/dogtag

Because this is pinned/sticked to the top and @DrewFustini is linking to the official releases and the wiki of the test releases, this link with the really latest build images should be made public:

There you can find the really latest test images without someone having to edit the wiki to add there the latest images.
The latest images dont always come with the latest linux kernel. Those latest kernels can be installed when running the latest images when following this: Debian 10.x/11.x Kernel Updates

I’ve pinned a post here, with the monthly snapshots: Debian 10.x (Buster) - Monthly Snapshots



wow…thanks for this…It helps me a lot.

Hello @sgred18tips ,

You are welcome. There are tons of files for checking specifics on the machines, i.e. BBB. I think some files are in /proc/ too.

you may need to put a lib. in to search but I should be able to figure that out and reply once I have the info.


P.S. It seems on some boards, lsb-release is already installed: lsb_release.

Also, if you want to see info, follow the link and type lsb_release and then your options like -v or -a or another one or many at once!

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