First 11.09 Linaro Android Candidate Builds are done for (Linux 3.0.3, GCC 4.6, libjpegturbo) Panda, Beagle, Beagle xM, iMX53, Origen, Snowball

Linaro has been hard at work getting the first 11.09 candidate builds
out. All instructions, test results and tips are listed at each link.

Of note:

Replaced jpeg lib with libjpeg-turbo
Linux version 3.0.3
gcc version 4.6.2 20110813 (prerelease)
Compiled with -O3


Stage Panda

Beagle, Beagle xM

Stage iMX53

Stage Origen


The term "Stage" is used to indicate builds that contain patches that
haven't been upstreamed.

The only build with graphics acceleration is Stage Panda.

Enjoy the builds. As always, please file lots of bugs

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