Fixed dsp-dummy for new C6x compiler


I got determined to fix the issue compiling my simple dsp-dummy test
app, and I finally got it working. Initially I thought the problem was
that I wasn't using the official XDC tools, but I tried to build the
DSP examples provided in the omapzoom site and they didn't work

After a lot of debugging the dsp-bridge, I finally found the issue;
the new linker is setting a $bss symbol as absolute and global, and it
conflicts with the base image which has the same symbol. The solution
is to add --localize='$bss' to the linker options.

So now you can compile DSP nodes with the latest code generation tools (6.1.7).

The code is in the usual location:


hi.Felipe Contreras

I would like to say many thanks to you. I used you kernel and got the DSP works. Although I just did one ping test of DSP,
but I could not wait to tell you the good news. the next I will let gstreamer to use DSP and do more DSP tests(like your dsp-dummy).
Can you give me some suggestions about gstreamer invoking DSP, how to do this?

thanks all you did for our beagle families.

I'm already working on a gst-dsp package with an element that is using
the dsp-dummy socket node. It's working perfectly fine but I want to
clean it up a bit since I'm getting rid of the libdspbridge dependency
both on dsp-dummy and gst-dsp. Also, dynreg.out will not be needed any
more since the applications can load the socket node themselves :slight_smile:

I'll try to push the code this week.


hi. felipe

great works. thanks~ :slight_smile: