Flash (Adobe) or similar

Hi guys,

I considerd to buy a Beagle.

I would like to watch especially youtube videos, vimeo etc.

Is it possible to play flash videos from the internet with the “Beagle” without “freezing” screens?

I am lookin forward to your answers



Define “Beagle”.

Derek Molloy has many videos on youtube in relation to the Beaglebone. And one maybe two concerning the Beaglebone Black specifically. Search his username on youtube, you’ll find him.

Adobe obsoleted "adobe flash for arm" a few years back.. At one time
there was a dsp codec for the BeagleBoard, but that was a few years

So to play 'flash' videos off youtube, libav is really your best
option, but it's going to rely completely on the cortex-a8 core of the