Flash BBB eMMC with non-debian image

I have just one question. Has anyone flashed the eMMC on the BBB with any other non-debian image, if so how did you do it?

I have a non-debian image (QNX) which loads an OS that works just fine if I boot from the SD card. I am trying to figure out how I can get that image onto the eMMC so that I do not have to boot from the SD card every time. Everything I find on flashing the eMMC uses the some sort of debian image. Since I am not using a debian image the procedure does not seem to apply at all. Any ideas?



"I assume" QNX has a step by step procedure for creating a microSD
card. Just run those same tools in the QNX environment on the eMMC

*knows nothing of QNX, good luck..


Thanks Robert, that is the approach that I am trying. Since I am new to the embedded world, this just seems a little overwhelming, which is why I was asking.

That's pretty much what our debian/ubuntu eMMC flasher's do.. They
just script what it takes to write to a normal microSD card..
Hopefully QNX isn't relying on some random tool that's not native in


Hi! Could you give me an image please? I tried to install QNX on Beaglebone Black, but I did not succeed. Thnx!!!