Flash emmc from USB flash drive?

Finally got my BeagleBone Black!

I am trying to update Angstrom on my BBB, but don’t have a spare microSD card bigger than 2gb. I do have a flash drive that is 4gb (same as the image).

Is it possible to update via my flash drive, or is there a way to shrink the empty space in the image file so I can fit it onto my 2 gig microSD?


You have to use a 4GB SD card or larger.


Thanks, I figured as much… Off to Frys electronics then…

Make sure you try and get a good one!!


Any brands you recommend in particular? I’m looking at a class 10 from Patriot at the moment…

It is as crap shoot. Basically, the more you pay the better you get. I have found that 8GB is the low end of the scale as 4GB is being phased out. I also see that the 8GB actually writes a lot faster.


I agree the class numbers also seem to be meaningless when writing large amounts of data. The image for my security and forensics distro is 6GB and it takes hours to write and no two cards take the same amount of time.

No way to boot from USB host. Early on we booted from the SD and copied from the USB to the eMMC. But that required a USB and uSD card.

There is a way to boot over serial or USB client, but the tools are not readily available and the actual benefit to increase in speed, is somewhat in dispute. And, they do not support eMMC flashing.