Flashing custom uboot and linux kernel image on beaglebone

I got beaglebone black with preloaded images. I tried flashing a custom uboot(source code downloaded from git.beagleboard.org) and now the uboot and kernel both are not booting.
On power up, beagleboard stops at “Trying to load from MMC2” message. Looks like something is messed up.

Is there any way to recover, How can i install the custom uboot and kernel image on eMMC chip so that i do not need to use SD card for booting.

Please help.

recover from what? does the EMMC image boot (without uSD card)? if not, burn one of the official (@RobertCNelson) images to get your hardware back. try finding an appropriate one here: Latest Software Images - BeagleBoard

maybe your custom image is broken?

this is not nearly descriptive enough for others to be able to help, do you have a serial cable for debugging?

good luck