Flashing Debian image from network


I have a SD card image, which I use to backup and restore emmc images from/to a network drive using dd. I wonder, if it is possible to flash Robert’s new Debian images in the same way instead of putting the flasher image onto an SD card and flash from this SD card? Can I use e.g. bone-debian-7.8-console-armhf-2015-02-22-2gb.img and dd it directly to the eMMC?



The emmc’s uuid would not be setup, creating interesting missing rootfs conditions on bootup when you have the microsd plugged in.

Can I do this manually? I assume I should find this in your flasher script, so just a short hint is sufficient.
Or any other idea, how to flash safely that way?

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copy the uuid of the rootfs partition into /boot/uEnv.txt using the
uuid variable..