Flashing Debian to emmc BBB


I have a Beagle Bone Black which is able to boot from both SD as well as EMMC. But i have a customized zImage able to boot it from SD card. I want to copy it to EMMC flash also. For that I have followed the following procedure.

  1. Made a bootable sd card using dd command.
  2. Inserted the SD card to & power on the board by pressing the S2 button & releasing the S2 button once I see the 4 user leds blink. I have waited more than hour. But I the 4 leds are not glowing at a time which says the completion of flashing.

How to check whether the image is being copied from SD card to EMMC flash. I have tried to power up the board using 5V & usb also.

Can any one give me solutions of copying the image from sdcard to emmc flash.