flashing internal flash from SD card gives an error...

HI ,

Can anyone help with this error?

I have made an image from the internal flash of a BBB to SD card using the utility in /opt/scripp/tools/eMMC/

That seemed to work fine. I now insert this into a second BBB to flash that units flash and part way through boot the system hangs with the following diagnostics…

Starting eMMC Flasher


Your new BBB contains a newer model of eMMC, this model is not support
on the 3.8.x kernel till 3.8.13-bone80 was released with these 2


Your options for the 3.8.x kernel are as follows:

1: Upgrade to 3.8.13-bone80

means what log says:
Error: [/dev/mmcblk1] does not exist
writing to [/dev/mmcblk1] failed…

Could be eMMC hardware issue, can be driver/kernel issue.