Flashing internal flash of DM3730 on BeagleBoard-XM

Good time of day to everyone!
How can I update boot loader in internal flash DM3730 on BeagleBoard-xM? Only with JTAG(I dont have them yet)? Maybe by UART or else?
And other question: how to check that boot loader in internal flash DM3730 not corrupted and starting well (my beagleborad-XM not new).
I connect board to terminal on Win7 with UART and no messages get, that internal flash DM3730 started to work.

As I remember , You can user pserial.exe download from serial port .
You can write u-boot.bin to flash .only one thing should be notice , some version u-boot on dm3730 use 8 bit bch load kernel and filesystem
switch ecc mode to soft and 1bit to write u-boot.bin
pserial.exe can download from ti dvsdk