flashing newest image to beagle bone black


I just downloaded and ran unxz on https://rcn-ee.net/deb/flasher/wheezy/BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-7.5-console-armhf-2014-07-06-2gb.img.xz . this gave me BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-7.5-console-armhf-2014-07-06-2gb.img as expected. I then freshly formatted and resized back to a single 4gb partition with sd card formatter restoring the sd card to be used to a condition ready to have the image written (a procedure I’ve used successfully many times). this seems to have worked ok (as usual) so I then used DiskImager to write the image file to the sd card. all appeared well thus far. I booted the beagle bone black with the sd card inserted and the boot button depressed to see tux in the upper corner of the screen and the led’s sweeping back and forth. a while later I came back to find all lights lit up which is the old convention for the flash being complete and remains that way. (the new images I understand are supposed to poweroff the bone after flashing).

Does, BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-7.5-console-armhf-2014-07-06-2gb.img not follow the new methodology of shutting down post-flash?