Flashing QNX 6.6 on beaglebone black eMMC?

Hi All,

I got a AM335x BeagleBone Black (ARMv7 Cortex-A8 core) - board. I want to flash QNX 6.6 onto it’s on-board eMMC. Has anybody tried this combination?
I could flash the image using SD card (with ifs-beaglebone-660.bin) but being an IFS image, the file system remains in read-only mode. Even if I mount the SD card partition at ‘/ ,it doesn’t provide R/W permissions recursively. I couldn’t write it to one level below the ‘/’’

I would highly appreciate your help on below points:

  • Any guidelines/ pointers/ instructions for flashing the QNX 6.6 image on BeagleBone Black eMMC.
  • In case of SD flash, how to make the settings writable? is there a way to make the settings persistent across reboot.