Flashing the on-board eMMC of the BB Green with new image


I got confused reading about this issue so some question came up:

Can you please tell me the correct way to flash the eMMC with new image?
And also what is the correct way to boot only from SD-Card without flashing on-board eMMC?
Will any pre-built image copied with either Win32DiskImager or Linux dd work when flashing the eMMC?
What is the flasher image and what is the difference between it and the pre-built image?

Thanks in advance.

The easiest way is to load one of the "flasher" images onto an SD card (there are instructions on how to do this). Then insert that SD card into the BBG, and power it up.

It will boot from the SD card, then flash the eMMC with that image.

Then remove power, remove the SD card, and apply power.