FlightGear remote Cockpit on BBB in GSoC2016

Hi all,

I’m a junior student majoring in Software Engineering from Shanghai Institute of Technology in China.

I learned BeagleBoard through the organizations list of GSoC2016, and I was attracted by it. So, I hope to have the opportunity to join you by participating in GSoC2016.

I am interested in the FlightGear remote Cockpit on BBB. I think it’s very cool and I think I can deal with these ideas by my endeavor. I can code in C++and Python and learn something about hardware.

I’ll be very excited and grateful if someone can help me.

Thank you,

Wang Mengying

Hi, Mengying,

Thank you for choosing this idea !

I want to learn more about you, by reading your self-instruction that I could assume you have been taught very basis about embedded development. And have you play FlightGear before? If not, you may download it either from http://www.flightgear.org/download/ or the nightly build version from http://download.flightgear.org/builds/nightly/.

Due to this idea requires communicating between BBB and FG, it needs you familiar both BBB and FG. For FG, I prefer you reading the FlightGear Manual just included in the install package or installation directory (A Chinese version also included).

This project is not a difficult one, how about your thinking? And where do you want to start from?