Flying BeagleBones going worldwide

Hi everyone,

I’d like to express my gratitude to the community and introduce our work at Erle Robotics where we are pushing forward a Linux autopilot for making drones based on the BBB.

It’s worth mentioning that this initiative comes from the BeaglePilot project, a Google Summer of Code selected project. Giving prove of how worthy this community is and the amazing stuff that every year, students/mentors and hackers keep creating.

Our autopilot (Erle-Brain) uses a cape called the PixHawk Fire Cape (also available here). We’ve been flying for several months already and the results keep improving more and more. We have several vehicles supported now (e.g.: Erle-Copter, Erle-HexaCopter, Erle-Plane, …) and we plan more in the following months.