For Beginners - Want to try the best built image 4 OS in 1 ?

I was amazed with the image built by Always Innovating, the image is really 4 OS in 1 , they call it Super-Jumbo a single image which provides four operating systems fully optimized for the OMAP3 chip, and aggregates hundreds of applications already set up for you across the four major ARM operating, you can switch between them live with the user button, you can play games, test which OS you need for your project , then decide, don’t waste your time compiling,

Thank you very much for this tip. I am downloading image now.

I have spent a frustrating two weeks compiling and downloading images. I simply want to get the TI Matrix GUI application launcher running some openGL ES demos and maybe create a simple Qt custom app to add to for the Matrix GUI application launcher. While I can boot some nice demo images not matter what I do I cannot seem to get the BeagleBoard-xm (rev C) SGX support working. There is always some cputype or missing module issue that stops me from seeing what the bb-xM can finally do. For example:

Starting internet superserver: xinetd.

  • Starting Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon: avahi-daemon

[ ok ]s 973 died: No such process; trying to remove PID file. (/var/run/avahi-daemon//pid)

Starting Network connection manager daemon: NetworkManager.

Loading kernel modules for gstreamer-ti…

Running /usr/share/ti/gst/omap3530/loadmodules.shFATAL: Module cmemk not found.

FATAL: Module dsplinkk not found.

FATAL: Module lpm_omap3530 not found.

FATAL: Module sdmak not found.


Starting PVR

[ 29.023315] smsc95xx 1-2.1:1.0: eth0: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0xCDE1

Usage: insmod filename [args]

FATAL: Module omaplfb not found.

FATAL: Module bufferclass_ti not found.

mknod: missing operand after `0’

Try `mknod --help’ for more information.

chmod: cannot access `/dev/pvrsrvkm’: No such file or directory

Loading [g_file_storage]

I am eager to give this image a try!