For Gerald: Why there 8 PWM pins, but only 4 work?

Hello Gerald!

I want to control 8 servo motors, but there are only 4 PWM pins work. Can you explain?

Is there anyway to control more than 4 servos using Beaglebone Black?

Thank you very much.

The other pins are used by other functions? Could that be the issue?
Could you maybe turn UART0 TX and Rx into PWM? Maybe give you two more?
Could you maybe turn UART2 TX and Rx into PWM? Maybe give you two more?

Read the SRM. Find out where at t he PWM signals are. Set the mode to PWM and pick up more PWM signals.


Can you please detail me how to do that? I’m just a newbie.

I have read SRM but I dont know how to turn mode to PWM. Can you show me how to do? I’m using Angstrom latest image.

I will leave that to some of the software people to answer. Or, you ca search the forum for previous conversations concerning the same topic.