force otg to host

according to the wiki i should be able to force the OTG port to host
with the command:
echo host> /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/mode
However in 2.6.29 this did not work.
cat mode gives b_idle, before and after the echo.
Anyone an idea on how to do this?




Anyone an idea on how to do this?

What about soldering J6??

I know that works, but I only need this for a test and might require
the slave mode later on, so I am not too keen on doing something that
is not trivial to reverse.
Also the echo line is listed in the FAQ on elinux, so I assumed that
it would work....



If you only need it for a test, another trick is to short pins 4 and 5
of the OTG connector with a probe, a pin, or a wire while booting
Ångström. Once Ångström is running, you can remove the short.

At least this used to work :slight_smile: