Form factor

Ever think BBB will be in this form factor?


Ever think BBB will be in this form factor?


Not going to happen. A few months ago I asked Gerald to look at making a module version of BBB for a while and he is dead set against it. I always thought it would be better to have a module and a range of of base boards rather than capes. It would be quite simple to create a custom base board with all the features you need, but Gerald didn’t agree. In the end, he has been very successful at designing products that have been very successful, so I deferred to his expertise. Remember, Gerald is highly focused on the hobbyist and doesn’t want his boards to be sucked up by companies for their production.


5cm x 5cm stamp board similar to BBB designs + (integrated Ti audio chip)

the reality here is that it looks like by combining the RPi module format AND a carrier board RPi is FINALLY playing catchup to what beagle has had all along and even there beagle still leads in being more open with more peripherals and probably a lower price when all if totaled up. A module format for beagle… I really don’t see a need for it. Beagle bone (black) IS a module unto itself complete with a well defined expansion interface. If you want a module, pay bunches more for a much more difficult to interface gumstix module.


This is supposed to be the same price as a B model It will have many more GPIOS and 4 GB flash/ on board. Just wondered if there was something in the works for BBB.

There is a rev of the BBB with 4GB emmc coming.

I would be interested in a ‘low profile’ BBB – same board but without the headers, ethernet, jack and USB populated, as it would be easier to embed for some applications.

I have no plans to do what I did 8 years ago.


Works for me. Topic dropped.