Formating 4 GB sd card for beagleboard

I have recently bought beagleboard and I tried to build an Angstrom OS for it on the sd card that came with it but I am unsuccessful. The format process is not successful. Now my card is showing only 123 MB out of 4 GB. I have struggled a lot by trying the commands at the following web page

But I am unsuccessful. Please help me in formating this card and with building Angstrom for my beagleboard.

Are you trying to make a copy of the original SD card? I used the dd command for that

sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=angstrom.img makes a copy of both partitions to your desktop’s hard disk.
sudo dd if=angstrom.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 then copies the image on another sd card.

If your sd card is larger than 4GB and you would like to use all of it, then you can extend the second partition using gparted. Once you have your backup, you can update and upgrade using angstrom’s opkg command.


Thank you. I was trying to make a copy of my sd card but I am unsuccessful. It is formated now. Please tell me commands or some link to make two partitions on my sd card. After that I want to copy the image of angstrom onto it, so that I can use it on my BB. Please help me.

The problem is solved.

I followed the commands on the link below