Formatting SD Card in OS X

Got a question: I am in the middle of formatting my SD card, and was
wondering if anyone had had any luck formatting it in OS X? I am not
terribly well versed in command line formatting, so I was going off of
the guides, and did it on an Ubuntu box that I have. But since that
box has unrelated issues that I am saving for another project, and for
the future I would like to do it on my primary OS X box, I was
wondering if anyone had success with that.


I also work on OS X and would love to see a how to for the Mac folks
out there....

there should be a bounty area on the beagleboard site, some of us are
willing to pay for some features :slight_smile: Me included.

Yeah! I have the same problem with Ian! We need some help here.
When I use fdisk for formatting the SD Card, the fdisk keeps returning
"Resources is busy".
Anyone has some ideas?