Formatting SD, nothing happens

Hi everyone,

I've had to reformat my SD card and I have used the
BeagleBoardBeginners getting started guide

I seem to create the partions ok, but when it comes to formatting the
ext3 partition the terminal just hang at a cartian point.

I did the following:

#sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdg2

The terminal just hangs at the point saying:

Creating journal (8192 blocks):

it doesn't seem to progress from there.

Has anyone else had the same issue?

Kind regards,


I am not sure about your problem, but another direction you could go
is using gparted. I used to follow the beginners guide to getting
Angstrom to work, but it takes a lot of time and using gparted
partitioning tool you can do it in a matter of seconds. Then all you
have to do is copy the MLO, U-bin, and Uimage file to the first
partition and copy the Angstrom to the second partition and untar it.
Thats what I have done and it has work pretty much every time.

hi, Hurdy

Format your SD card with HP format disk tool again, then retry follow the,and see what happens.

Good luck to you.


Thank you both for your responses. When I get a few minutes I will
give what you suggest a go.

Thank you again,