Free StarterWare replacement with support for PocketBeagle

If somebody is interested: TI has stopped further development of their bare metal support package “StarterWare” but there is a compatible and community-driven replacement available at now. This project seem to contains a bunch of bug fixes the original StarterWare never got and even has support for the new PocketBeagle.

We run a lot more projects though than sourceforge. Also, this is something that might be interesting to make “official” in some way if you are making steady contributions. What do you think about pushing it to ?

Are you not the project owner?

No, I’m not the owner of this project

Some notes from my usage of this project.

First of all thanks to the person you created this project and did the pocketbeagle changes,

Note that I am building on Ubuntu 16.04 and I am building using a terminal window and running the gcc make. I am not using CCS. I am building for the pocketbeagle.

The tree as downloaded does not build. If you do a make clean, make clean+ and then a make, you will get a large number of errors. The reason is that some of the changes were not propagated to all routines. For example, the update to a newer FATfs removes an enum used in another place in the tree. A lot of the errors are in the examples code so the first change to make is to reduces the “DIRS” define in the build makefile to only build what you need. This is likely the platform, the bootloader and your own code.

The changes that were made for the pocketbeagle are under #ifdef pocketbeagle. So you need to add this define to the makefile if you are building for the Pocketbeagle.

The good news is that I was able to build and boot starterware on a pocketbeagle.