Friedt ~ BeagleBone_Black Rev. A5A Issues

To whom it may concern:

Due to problematic issues with my work’s network and the BeagleBone_Black Rev. A5A development board’s server, I’ve been requested to ask you to provide configuration procedures/deployment recommendations for a LAN connection for the BeagleBone linux device. The specific procedures/deployment configurations should be for interface to a domain joined windows 7 pc with DHCP and DNS.

Is this possible?


Robert Friedt
Engineer I Electrical, D/803 Test Equipment
National Nuclear Security Administration’s Kansas City Plant
Operated by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies, LLC
(816) 997-2852

I just plug it into the network that has a DHCP and a DNS server on it. I have to set the proxy to get past our firewall, but other than that, I don’t have to do anything. Our network handles the rest,