from this github repo, (, i generated onnx and prototext file, but did not understand that how can i compile these files for tidl runtime. i want to run these files on beaglebone ai 64.

i’m new, did not having much knowledge , that how to compile models for bb 64 using tidl sdk, please explain me in simple steps. thanks.

If the content they provide is worth anything it will have instructions on how to build it.
Typically look for a README.MD or .txt or something like install.

I don’t have a clue about the project you are referring too, and what I state is a general approach to issues like this.

If the content providers fail to provide users with clear and working instructions of how to build a project, its best to run in the opposite direction.

When you build the project and get stuck post the entire error message and other relevant facts this way those that are trying to help will be better informed.

thanks sir, i compiled these files by following readme file .