From where I can buy beagleboard in India.

Hi All,

I want to buy my personal beagleboard along with 7" touch screen for Android OS development.
So, can anyone tell me from where I can buy this in India and if not what are the other best options. tells you where you can buy the eagleBoards. I am not sure where to get a 7" display in India.


I can't speak for Indian distributors, but your fall back (sans a
local supplier) is


IDA systems Jaipur…


2 options that I know of :


Buying is easy… but the difficulty comes in shipping process :frowning:

I got the BBB from I know they have the touchscreen also available, but you might want to call them up and find out about the beagleboard.

Go for element14 or kitsnspares. But there is issue of custom clearence these days so book early in case you don’t have much time for filling up the EUU form.