fun with u-boot before even getting to the SD card

part of what i'd like to do is document the u-boot instructions that
one can use to poke around the beagleboard before even booting beyond
that, since inordinately curious people might want to play with u-boot
to inspect the HW characteristics of the board.

  for example, say someone is curious about I2C:

OMAP3 # iprobe
Valid chip addresses: 48 49 4A 4B

  i'm about to run through the possibilities, and i'm open to
suggestions as to what instructions folks have found useful to snoop.
i might put up a list like that on my wiki just for fun.


I am trying to do some program with u-boot. I have problem with loading file by serial. It will be help if you can do some step by step instruction about this.

Best regards,
Thang Nguyen

one thing at a time -- right now, i just want to document what you
can do from u-boot in terms of probing your board and displaying as
much information about it as you can without going any farther, at
least not yet.