Funny screen tint

I’m running Ubuntu on my BB-xM attached to a ULCD7 and an HDMI monitor. I’ve noticed that some elements on the monitor have a strange tint, while ULCD7 looks fine. Anyone else notice this behavior?

If you use an LCD and the DVI-D, then the LCD has a buffer on it. The DVI-D does not. The LCD is likely to intefere with the signals to the DVI-D signal due to the added load on those signals.


Thanks, Gerald. That does make sense. The funny thing is that I've
been working on this project for close to a year and I only noticed
this happening today. May have been my color choices.

Also the LCD uses different total number of bits and different resolution. If you have not seen this before, then something else may have happened with the HW, like a broken pin or a bad connection on the LCD connector or you may have updated the code that does something different when driving the LCD that the display on the DVI-D does not like.