g_multi module problems

Hi all,

I currently have trouble with the g_multi USB gadget module compilation in the kernel.
My hardware is a custom beaglebone black with the exact same hardware.

I’d like to use my USB like the beaglebone black does, as a RNDIS and a mass storage.
However, during the kernel compilation of the 3.15.9, I check the builtin g_multi module but it is not working.

When using a dmesg, I can see an error -22 during g_multi module loading.
Furthermore, i don’t know how the configuration of the module is done. I tried to create a g_multi.conf file in /etc/modprobe.d but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.
I can’t see any usb0 interface in my ifconfig and when connecting my USB to my Windows PC I don’t see any RNDIS or mass storage.

Do you have any information or experience with the g_multi kernel-builtin module ?

Best regards,

So, if the module is failing to load Windows will have no idea the device even exists. As how to solve this issue ? No idea you’ve not given enough information.

However, you will get this or a similar error if you have a module already loaded. g_multi, g_ether, and g_serial. Only one of these can be loaded at a time. And if you compiled one into the kernel statically . . . You’re bound to have issues.