Geexbox not booting in Beagleboard-xM rev C


I used Openbricks repository and did a Geexbox build successfully for
rev C Beagleboard-xM.I
copied the binaries obtained to 4 GB SD card With two partitions and
booted the device. While booting I got the following error messages

[ 3.252105] omapfb omapfb: no
[ 3.256072] omapfb omapfb: failed to setup
[ 3.260986] omapfb: probe of omapfb failed with error -22
[ 3.267059] regulator_init_complete: VDVI: incomplete c0nstraints,
leaving on
[ 3.274627] regulator_init_complete: VDAC: incomplete constraints,
leaving on
[ 3.282196] regulator_init_complete: VMMC1: incomplete constraints,
leaving on
[ 3.297088] Waiting for root device ?dev?mmcblk0p2...

Please help me out.