.gel file to use CCSv5 with BeagleBone Black

I used a similar gel file… I tried your one too… But in both cases I get the below error:

“Trouble Writing Memory Block at 0x4C0000E4 on Page 0 of Length 0x4:” Unable to access device memory. Verify that the memory address is in valid memory.

This happens at the instruction: WR_MEM_32(EMIF_DDR_PHY_CTRL_1_REG, ALLOPP_DDR3_READ_LATENCY); (line 806)

Any idea why this could be happening ?

Thanks !

Make sure the BBB is not running any code when you launch a debug session. Press the boot select button when you power up the board so whatever is in eMMC will not boot.
Also make sure there is not an SD card present. If you have a serial terminal connected it should show “CCCCCC…” to indicate that the low level boot is active.


That did it. Thanks !


I also did it using your gel file.

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