general questions for a beginner, about booter

I have downloaded an open source BSP for OMAP 3530 at address, and from it, have
built a new project in VS2005.

The built does not generate me any boot files, while they were
generated in my precedent builds for other projects.

Can anyone please answer me some questions:

1) how, from a build in VS (or any other way), can we generate the
necessary files to be nand-flashed as booters.
Do I necessarily need .raw file to be flashed on the nand,
or .bin/.nb0/.nb1 can also be flashed?
If only .raw is flashable as booter, how can I generate it?

2) in which step of the project the config.bin is generated, and what
is its difference with ce.bib.

3) I have already downloaded the BEAGLEBOARD-nand.raw from the
evaluation BSP provided with beagleboard, and it seems to define the
address from where CE will be launched as it writes me in the
NK Image Loaded
Launch Windows CE image by jumping to 0x80001000...

Now, if I want to load another version of my CE, I see that this is
still the old one, (the evaluation version) that runs.
Terminal gives me:

Download file information: