and the year 2030 ?


We have several BBB systems that are happily running Debian via the very handy ‘flasher’ distro. Thank you very much for providing these!

However, we have one unit, that sometimes boots up in the year 2030 – well that is what it thinks anyway.

I noticed the tries to bring the date into the ‘ball park’, but it does not seem to handle the case of being so far in the future…

Also, NTPD seems to exit, even though I thought it was supposed to allow the very first setting of extreme different time.

To compound the trouble, the system is behind a firewall, and OpenVPN does not work because it thinks our certificates are expired.

I welcome suggestions as to a good fix for this problem.

thank you,


I think the only real fix is to stick on a battery back rtc..

Something like this:

Then change the generic script to read ^ that's value..

For "Jessie" i've changed this again, it'll use systemd-timesyncd
which is a little more accurate then my ball park fix..