Get gstreamer together with phonon working well on beagleboard


I get gstreamer together with Qt’s phonon module working well on the beagleboard. I fount some issue about compiling gstreamer when i did this through OE.

when I compiled gstreamer and its related plugins(gst-good gst-base gst-ugle gst-bad), all these can be done by OE, and all of the needed libraries is there via

compiling. When I builded the root file system image, I modifid the image bb-file as following:

IMAGE_INSTALL += “task-base

I wanna ship all the libraries, which are gstreamer gstreamer running depends, to the rootfs image. but It disappointed me.

it didn’t ship some of the libraries automatically for me, but I needed some of them when running gstreamer playing music file. The OE only shipped gstreamer core libraries to image for me,

except that , the libraries of other four plugins and some related(or depended) libraries did not ship to image for me automatically.

sorry, I found a little confused about the long descriptions. Take gst-plugins-good for example, when it running it depends some libraries such as liboil or libmad(just think some others, i don’t remember clearly),

and I add these plugins to image. but not only did it not ship the libraries of gst-plugins-good to image file system, but also its running depended libraries. My methods is to copy libraries one by one from lots of packages of OE WORKDIR. it takes me much of time.

My question is:

1.what’s the reason about this ? if I want to build gstreamer which can shipped all the needed libraries(such as gst-base good bad and its running depends etc…) to image at once?
I assume OE will add it running depends automatically for me, but I am wrong.

  1. I want to change my screen resolution to lower( at present is 1204x860), how to do that?

  2. how to setup beagleboard usb network via window XP or Linux?

any help or suggestions is highly appreciated.



Hello Favor,

regarding 1.:
I assume it was just left out by mistake.

I compared with

In the last line of


there are missing 2 lines:

FILES_${PN} += " ${libdir}/gstreamer-0.10/*.so"
FILES_${PN}-dev += " ${libdir}/gstreamer-0.10/*.la ${libdir}/gstreamer-0.10/*.a"

With these 2 lines, they are installed as well (basically you do need only the first of these 2 lines).

Now how to get these fixed/added in the official OE recipe?