Getting Busted and Looking for Adapters or Cables?

I know, I know, I know,

So, I got this gnarly monitor today. It is some apple connection of a monitor, in its hay day, cost an arm and a leg. Now, it is used for something other than what I think but…

  1. I can get a Debian Distro booted on the BBAI64 which shows on this specific monitor.
  2. I cannot control said Distro b/c of the damn monitor only accepting USB SS and not USB 3.0.
  3. So, I am stuck now w/ this outdated monitor which can be utilized for applications on the mDP port from the BBAI64 so far!

I tried adapters, cables, and more ideas to boot a Distro on the BBAI64 from mDP cabling to monitors w/out the exception of this one.

I tried this one! It works. I still have no control over the Distro now. Anyway, if someone knows of a build or sorts on USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 dongle that can handle adapting one to the other in the form factor I need, shoot me a message please.


P.S. I have been to Tripp Lite, StarTech, and even to Amazon. I am running out of ideas… The mDP port works, I have successfully found it to work, and now that the Display works for me, I would like to advance in displaying activities.


I was going to contact someone somewhere but if you know of this error in adaptive conversion w/ regards to Monitors, USB types, and mDP displaying, please jump in!