Getting Go Language (golang) to work on BeagleBone

Found another installation recipe at

Although it was for Debian, the basic installation also worked on Angstrom.


1-install all timezone packages (needed for testing time functions):

opkg install tzdata-africa
opkg install tzdata-americas
opkg install tzdata-antarctica
opkg install tzdata-arctic
opkg install tzdata-asia
opkg install tzdata-atlantic
opkg install tzdata-australia
opkg install tzdata-europe
opkg install tzdata-misc
opkg install tzdata-pacific
opkg install tzdata-posix

2-get the golang version 1.1:
wget --quiet --output-document - | tar zxvf -
(wget did not accept https:, thus I used http:)

3-go to go/src/
cd go/src

4-run all.bash

After compilation and testing you should get this endreport: