Getting GPMC to run on 3.14


i’am trying to integrate a cape configuration in the newer 3.14 kernel with little success for now. My cape (FPGA-based LOGI-Bone) uses the GPMC for communication and it worked great in 3.8 with the device-tree overlay, but it now fails with 3.14 and the bootloaded dtb files. I got my device-tree dtsi and dts files for boneblack and bone to compile fine but the GPMC does not seem to be running. There are three potential problems that can prevent the GPMC to work :

  • pinmux is not loaded
  • gpmc is not configured
  • device-tree configuration conflicts with another peripheral (i have non loaded the eMMC in the dts file).

From wjat i unerstand, my pingmux is recognised by the kernel as it appears in /proc/device-tree/pinmux@44e10800. When doing some dmesg, i found out that nothing concerning the gpmc configuration or the gpmc pinmux prints in the logs. I must be doing something wrong, but i’am out of solutions. Anyone can help ?


Jonathan Piat

am335x-bone-logibone-r1.dtsi (4.44 KB)