Getting HDMI to work with Angstrom 2013.06.20

I’ve had very little luck trying to get HDMI to work with my BBB. When booting off the eMMC I get the BeagleBone splashscreen and then nothing after that. From reading the support forums, I gather that this is because BBB is not getting the proper resolution information from my monitor. I tried booting it with no HDMI TV attached and then plugging in the monitor after it was fully booted to try to force it into the default resolution, but that didn’t work either. I was able to boot off a USB cable connection to my computer and then SSH to it, but, of course, that’s not going to get me a GUI.


I downloaded the latest image (2013.06.20) and put it on an SD card. I applied power while holding down the reset button while connected to the HDMI monitor. This time I got the splashscreen and also got the login prompt (progress, at least) Shortly thereafter it disappeared and I saw nothing further on the monitor. I assume this is because it started up the GUI interface in a resolution my monitor doesn’t support. When using the June 20th image, I find that I can no longer SSH to the board. Is that because it’s running X?

I can think of two ways forward:

  1. Get a serial FTDI cable, and do some editing as per the HDMI troubleshooting section.

  2. Perhaps I could boot off the eMMC and edit some files to force a different resolution on boot?

The thing is, I’m about to start marketing a TNC cape for this board and I’m now beginning to think I may be letting myself in for a huge customer support headache from people who can’t get their HDMI to work. What is the most likely strategy to work here. This same HDMI monitor works perfectly with my Raspberry Pi.


John Hansen

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