Getting Ralink UWN100 to work on BBB with Chipsee Cape

first time posting, hoping I’m in the right forum.
I’ve bought the UWN100 wifi adapter and the Chipsee BBB-EXP-C LCD cape. After struggling a while, I managed to flash the emmc with the prebuilt Angstrom version. So now I have a working display, but I just can’t seem to manage to get the wifi adapter to work.
According to the website it should just work out of the box. Sadly this is not the case. I can find MT7601.dat. So I believe the drivers should already be installed.
When I plug in the WiFi adapter and boot, I can see the device with lsusb. When I use lsmod I get an empty list. I believe that you should see the driver there.

I’ve been trying every tutorial I could find for weeks now but still with no luck (manually installing the driver and so on). I’m getting quite desperate. I managed to get err -22 with mt7601.usta after a while which could mean that I have a driver compiled for a different kernel I believe. Is it impossible to get the adapter to work with a BBB with a Chipsee cape, or can you guys save my day and help me?