Getting started/compiler question

I've just started with the Beagleboard, and I'm working on getting my
dev environment set up. The wiki is very useful, and I plan to use
openembedded, as that seems like the easiest way to go. Following the
setup instructions here:
it looks like bitbake will build the entire toolchain, including a gcc
ARM crosscompiler, is that correct? If I use openembedded, do I need
the CodeSourcery toolchain? Is there any benefit to using
CodeSourcery, even if I don't require it? I see it is "recommended",
as per , but I'm not sure if
that means I need it if I'm using openembedded.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Once you have setup OE you have the compiler (version 2007q3)
somewhere under ~/OE_DIR/tmp so there are no other requirements.