Getting started - I'm lost, please help

Hi all, my first post here, and I am so new to this I am getting a little lost.

My Beaglebone Black arrived and I installed the drivers, then connected it to my Win7_x64 PC, waited for windows to finish installing it’s drivers (there were about 5 in the list) and then I opened the ‘start.htm’ file on the new removable storage drive that appeared in windows. So far, so good.
On that web page I found the IP address for my BBB, so I clicked on that, ok still good.
Next I clicked on the ‘Cloud9 Ide’ and that opened up all good too.

Then I continued with the instructions on the web page and started to create the ‘myblink.js’ example and things started going wrong.
I closed any open tabs, ok.
I created a new file, untitled1, ok.
I copy/pasted the example code as shown, ok.
Next is save the file, there was no ‘save’ icon in my ‘Cloud9 Ide’, so I clicked on File–>Save and the window that opened only let me create a folder, not save a file. So I entered ‘myblink.js’ and clicked save. Now I have a new folder named ‘myblink.js’ and a single file in that folder named untitled1 with no extension.
I moved the file up one level to the ‘Cloud9’ folder (the root folder in the Ide) and then deleted the ‘myblink.js’ folder. Then I renamed the file from ‘untitled1’ to ‘myblink.js’.
Then I opened the file and clicked on run. My run button doesn’t have a drop down as shown in the example. After several seconds, the bottom of the Ide was showing it was running and the right side of the IDE came up with some debug stuff, but the LED was not blinking.
I played around a bit but couldn’t not get it to start.
After a while I gave up, then a while later I opened Cloud9 Ide again, opened the ‘myblink.js’ file and clicked Run, and then LED started blinking. I was happy, for a short time. I clicked stop, waited a bit, then clicked Run again but the LED didn’t start to blink again. (not happy again).

Sorry I am so new to this, and I have no idea what questions to ask for help, or where to get started.

Can anyone provide some guidance please?

I am not sure if I want to upgrade the firmware (from Angstrom to Debian), because I don’t know why I would want or need to. Can anyone provide an answer on that?

Thanks in advance