getting started with an application?

Hi fellas,

I just bought a beagleboard xm Rev C and I configured using narcissus(angstrom) and the linux is running perfect.

Now that I have an application which is kind of an acquisition system which requires a good GUI, which communicates on RS485 interface and ethernet.

As I am new to embedded linux and beagleboard xm Im kinda confused on where to start. I right now have a XDS100v2 emulator with me.

What I thought is, first I will write the drivers for rs485 and add it in kernel(hope the procedure is adding support in /dev),now if i add it this way where can I test my rs485 communication? Can I use qt for testing or debugging(with XDS100v2)? or CCSv4(which is offered as a free license with XDS100v2)?

Can you also suggest me a good environment for starters like me or some blogs or tutorials to start?
1.building embedded systems
3.linux kernel and module programming
4.c and ds

the yields many results which is kinda misleading many times…I couldnt find any result which says the compatibility of XDS100v2 with eclipse and QT.

Thats why I ve posted it here!